Reaching the world for Christ is a priority of our church. Evidence of this is that during the year of 2013 our church members gave over $200,000  for the purpose of missions. This is above both general offerings given through scriptural tithing, and giving to our Vision Fund. Based on Acts 1:8, we divide our missions program in Home (Stillwater), Domestic (United States), and Foreign (outside the U.S.). Our missions investments primarily involve supporting and planting New Testament churches that will be involved in evangelizing, baptizing, and discipling. This includes 26 foreign missionaries and 16 U.S. ministries, including church plants, Bible colleges, and supporting services for local churches. Another evidence of our missions heart is our intern program. In it, young men who have completed Bible college training are trained on staff for a period of not less than two years, sometimes more. They are trained in numerous facets of ministry to prepare them to become foreign missionaries, domestic church planters, or more effective servants in some form of full-time, local-church ministry. Our interns have gone on to start churches in Oklahoma and Washington.

Presently, we are the home-sending church for the Monte Barlow family in Slovenia, the Sam Thomas family and Independent Baptist Ministries of India,  and Dave and Grace Hardy, who provide a vital role of support and encouragement to pastors and churches throughout America with an emphasis on younger pastors in new works.

Though not funded through our missions program, Bible Baptist Church operates a bus ministry that enables us to reach families and children throughout Stillwater and Perkins who might not otherwise have an opportunity to attend church and hear the gospel.