Bible Baptist Church still believes in ministering to others.  As you will see, this involves many different areas of life.  We try to provide a group in which each person can come and find a place.

Bus Ministry

The Bus Ministry at Bible Baptist Church brings children of all ages to our exciting Sunday school and Junior Church known as Character Connection. We have five buses that pick up riders throughout Stillwater and Perkins. Children three years of age and older are welcome to ride the bus. A bus will stop in front of your house or apartment and a trained worker will escort your child to and from the bus. The time on the bus is filled with fun, singing and games—all with adult supervision.

Adults needing transportation also are welcomed to ride the bus to and from church. An experienced and licensed CDL driver is on each bus. An adult bus captain and other workers are also on board each bus. If you would like your children to ride the bus or if you need to ride, please call the church at (405) 372-7444.

Dusty Rutherford is the Bus Ministry director.

Character Connection

Each of us has character. Character is that combination of qualities and traits that define and guide our lives and form our reputation and shape our lifestyle. It is the way others see us, whether for better or worse. Most of us desire that our children be people of good character.  A key place they can learn good character is at church. So, at Bible Baptist Church, we strive to teach children Godly character traits. We do this through Character Connection for Kids, a Sunday school and worship program in which children are taught Godly character traits from the Word of God. We have graded classes for three-year-olds through sixth grade. In addition, the children have an opportunity to enjoy preaching, singing and games each Sunday morning in their own services. If you have any questions about what is taught or if you need a ride to church, please call the church at  (405) 372-7444.

Dusty Rutherford is also the Character Connection director.

FirstClaim Youth

At Bible Baptist Church, we believe that God has a specific role in his kingdom for everyone, including teenagers. We strive to instill in them the importance of granting God “first claim” on their lives instead of giving their best to the world and the remnants to God. We do this through the FirstClaim Youth, a Sunday school class and program that involves our young people by providing ministry opportunities and exciting activities. The attractions and temptations of the world draw many teenagers away from church. At BBC, we strive to show them that seeking God’s kingdom first is the only way to truly discover the abundant life that God has in mind for each young person. Our passion is to see our youth become all that God wants them to be, and we believe the first step to reaching that plane starts with young people putting God first in each area of daily life.

Ladies’ Ministry

Ladies at Bible Baptist Church participate in a variety of programs and activities that allow opportunity for ministry. Ladies serve in the bus ministry, teach Sunday school classes, operate the nursery, participate in the music, assist the bereaved and other special need times, visit, serve on cook teams, maintain bulletin boards, and much more. A special time for the ladies is the monthly Ladies Meeting on the last Thursday of each month. They meet for a meal, fun and fellowship, but the main emphasis is to pray.  They have wonderful times of sharing their hearts and desires with others and with God. The meeting contributes to the unification of the ladies of the church and is continuing to grow. Ladies are urged to make it a priority and to join in the event.

Men’s Ministry

Godly, masculine men form the backbone of Bible Baptist Church. They provide the bulk of our leadership and are out front and visibly involved in the church programs and ministries. We often are referred to as a “Man’s Church.” One thing that makes us different is our Men’s Prayer Meeting each Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m., where regularly 60-70 men and their sons gather for a time of singing, praying and a devotion from one of the men. That is followed by a breakfast in the Activities Building.

Men play a significant role in our music program through the choir and other special music. Bible Baptist Church is known for The Men’s Group, a musical group of 10 faithful men who have sung in Texas, Kansas, Arizona, California, Washington and Connecticut. They have recorded several CDs that provide a refreshing sound full of strong vocals and close harmony.

Because of our burden to see men remain connected and involved in church, several years ago we started the Men’s Advance, a weekend meeting designed to challenge men to be strong, loving leaders in their homes and churches. This annual meeting has become the largest gathering of independent Baptist men in America with attendance exceeding 1700 in 2009. Men from more than 100 churches in several states attended this time of preaching and challenge designed by men and for men. Check the Men’s Advance website for more information about the next meeting.

Men’s Advance

The Men’s Advance has been hosted by Bible Baptist Church of Stillwater for over ten years and is attended by men from all across the Midwest. The goal of the Men’s Advance is to impact the lives of men spiritually to make a difference in their homes, churches, relationships and community. The meeting runs on a two-day format, beginning at 7:00 P.M. on a Friday and concluding at approximately 3:00 P.M. on a Saturday.

This year, we will again meet at the Payne County Expo Center, just east of Stillwater. Meals are provided on-site to allow the men more time to fellowship with one another, and include a full smoked meat dinner Friday night, complete breakfast Saturday morning, and a great lunch Saturday afternoon. In addition to the Advance, a golf tournament is open to all attendees and precede the Advance earlier on Friday.

The service times and break-out sessions are the focus of the event. Here, the men are challenged to examine their lives in the light of God’s Word. Both humorous and contemplative skits are interspersed to reinforce the truths presented. Special music provided by the Bible Baptist Church Men’s Group and others adds to the wonderful congregational hymns, including the traditional It Is Well with My Soul finale.

Registration for the event is $40, which includes all the meals along with a workbook. Please begin planning now to attend this year’s Men’s Advance!

Click here to visit the Men’s Advance website.


Reaching the world for Christ is a priority of our church. Evidence of this is that church members gave more than $200,000 for for the purpose of missions in 2013. This is above the general offerings given through scriptural tithing. Based on Acts 1:8, we divide our missions program in Home (Stillwater), Domestic (United States), and Foreign (outside the U.S.). Our missions investments primarily involve supporting and planting New Testament churches that will be involved in evangelizing, baptizing, and discipling. This includes 26 foreign missionaries and 16 U.S. ministries, including church plants, Bible colleges, and supporting services for local churches. Another evidence of our missions heart is our intern program. In it, young men who have completed Bible college training are trained on staff for a period of not less than two years, sometimes more. They are trained in numerous facets of ministry to prepare them to become foreign missionaries, domestic church planters, or more effective servants in some form of full-time, local-church ministry. Our interns have gone on to start churches in Oklahoma and Washington.

Presently, we are the home-sending church for the Monte Barlow family in Slovenia, the Sam Thomas family and Independent Baptist Ministries of India, and Dave and Grace Hardy, who provide a vital role of support and encouragement to pastors and churches throughout America with an emphasis on younger pastors in new works.

Though not funded through our missions program, Bible Baptist Church operates a bus ministry that enables us to reach families and children throughout Stillwater and Perkins who might not otherwise have an opportunity to attend church and hear the gospel.

Music Ministry

The music ministry of Bible Baptist Church is traditional and hymn-based without sacrificing excitement, energy and excellence.  We rest securely on the foundational truth that, when it comes to church music, God is the audience.  It is about Him, not us!  This drives each part of the music service.  Rather than conforming to the trends of modern music and its unapologetic appeal to the flesh and emotions, we choose to base our music on songs that cause participants to think great thoughts about God.  We believe that creating opportunities for individuals to worship God in truth will help them to grow in the knowledge of our Savior in a way that purely emotional experiences have never been able to accomplish. Emotions are greater and purer when they are the result of truth.

Sunday School

Sunday school is alive and well at Bible Baptist Church! Its purpose is to provide systematic teaching of the Bible, as well as to provide opportunities for fellowship and encouragement for people in similar stages of life. The 10:00 o’clock service each Sunday morning is divided into age groups and classes and is one of the best ways to get to know more people at church. Each class has regular activities that provide additional opportunities for members and guests to have fun together. Our adult classes and their leaders are:
  • Foundations (New Believers) – Michael and Mandy Scott
  • College and Career – Jonathan and Andrea Pyle
  • Cornerstone (Married under 30) – Andrew and Shana Winter
  • LifeBuilders (Married/Single 30-50) – Warren and Jackie Brown
  • Halftime (Married/Single 50-70) – Dennis and Morgan Reece
  • GEMS (Married/Single 70+) – David and Pam Jinks

Also, we have an original, creative children’s program called Character Connection and a youth program called FirstClaim Youth. A building map showing each Sunday school location is available.